Know the True Haverty’s Furniture Store.

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Know the True Haverty’s Furniture Store.

Haverty’s is a furniture store chain which offers a wide range of furniture for sale. In spite of holding a big inventory, the store fails to deliver quality furniture to its customers and maintain its reputation.

Furniture is very expensive these days and classy furniture is very difficult to come by even if you are willing to pay the price. This holds quite true with Haverty’s furniture store, a place known for its pricey furniture and unreliable deals. Though being located in various locales, the store doesn’t seem to recognize the importance of retaining its customers. The inexperienced staff members of the store too are highly gifted in their inability to handle the customers and their issues.Havertys Furniture Img6 465x300 tcm201 32087 300x193 Know the True Haverty’s Furniture Store.

The store does really stock up stuff that is different from other stores, but to be frank, the furniture is too old to match up with the current trends. And moreover, the quality of the furniture degrades by time, making it a bad deal for the customer. Be it standalone small pieces or wall décor pieces,one thing that you should know is that the pieces are not ready to stand the test of time nor the value of your money.

When we talk about prices, it is very important for you to know that the prices area little on the higher side if you compare it with other local furniture stores. But, there are many customers who are ready to buy even pricey furniture that is of top quality. However, after knowing that the furniture is made of cheap quality wood and with clearly visible scratches and dents, it is best to visit some other store nearby and save your money.

Coming to the finance options, if you think that the store will surely come handy in helping you afford the furniture of your choice, then it is good to know that the financing options are way too out of hand. Filled with complications and irregularities, it would be tough to receive financing facility in this store.

The delivery service of this store is not like any other furniture store. You will be surprised to see that you will have to wait for at least a week or even more for the delivery. Moreover, what is different is thatif the product delivered is not as per your order, you need to wait for even more time to get it replaced. If you come across faulty products, then be ready to waste more time as the store doesn’t actually replace the product, but sends in a clumsy repair team to fix it.

Overall, if you have any plans to buy furniture from this store, it would be wise to locate some other store nearby and save the trouble of visiting Haverty’s furniture store.

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