Stanley’s Home Furnishings – A No Stop Shop for Your Home Furniture

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Stanley’s Home Furnishings – A No Stop Shop for Your Home Furniture

Stanley’s Home Furnishings is a no stop shop for your home furniture needs as it stocks furniture that is sure to make to drop every single penny of your savings. The store doesn’t stand strong on its promise to keep the prices low.

Unlike other furniture stores, Stanley’s Home Furnishings – a family owned and operated business that has been running in the US since the last 25 years – fails to impress its customers. This store boasts to cater to the home furniture requirements of customers from south eastern Virginia and north eastern North Carolina. However, the store’s inventory doesn’t even comprise of the essential furniture needs of a basic home.

Stanley’s Home Furnishings – Not a Good Store to Buy Furniture from

8a71516a0f85f339 5678 w422 h274 b1 p0 asian beds 300x194 Stanley’s Home Furnishings   A No Stop Shop for Your Home FurnitureThis furniture store that has been in operation since 1987, selling furniture meant for the living room, bedroom and dining room, along with furniture for kids and mattresses. However, even after putting so much on the offer, the store fails to maintain one basic promise – to ensure reliability of the products. The furniture variety in the store comes from a limited set of brands, and doesn’t comprise of some of the sought-after brands which people prefer to buy.

The store has been promising to deliver its furniture at low prices, however, it is far from reality as customers have to struggle to afford to pay for the furniture they like to buy. In fact, the highly promoted affordable prices are just a lay down for the store as they are not at all as per the expectations of the customers in terms of quality. To further increase the burden on financially down customers, the store offers many financing options that are not at all helpful. So dedicated is the store in increasing its sales that it makes sure that no customer ever leaves its store without buying a furniture which is way out of his budget.

The customer service is also not active in quickly responding to the customer requirements. Despite being available in a large number, you will hardly notice anyone putting a step forward to help you choose the right furniture for your home. An other aspect of this furniture store which you might want to look into would be its lazy delivery system. It might be prudent for the store to expand its delivery area so that it can at least improve customer attention and thereby improve its sales.

The store also lacks in catering to the requirements of the youth as the youth furniture found in the store doesn’t make up to the expectations of its customers. Other than this, Stanley’s Home Furnishings can be said to be just a plain old store with much to improve.

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