Sleepy’s Mattresses and Bedding

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Sleepy’s Mattresses and Bedding

Ask anyone a brand of mattress they would like to avoid and the name would be Sleepy’s. The store has been the centre of attraction for its unruly deals, cheap furniture and also, rude customer support.

For years, the name Sleepy’s has been synonymous in the furniture industry, but today, it is nowhere even near to be called a quality furniture store to fulfil your furniture needs. Founded in 1931, the store claims to be an ideal destination for homeowners and interiors decorators, and customers can barge in to pick up some of the best furniture. However, everything you hear is not true with this store. The Sleepy’s store has been touted as a unreliable destination for purchasing furniture. Many customers have complained that the furniture purchased from the store turned out to be mostly fake, and full of dents and scratches.

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Reasons to Avoid Sleepy’s

There are innumerable mattress and bedding stores around the country who can fulfil your need, but not the Sleepy’s. Over the years, the brand has lost its reputation and also, most of its customers. Some of the customers complain that shopping at this mattress store is very inconvenient mostly because of the unorganized furniture. They say that it is quite hard to locate a furniture or accessory of your choice in the store, and when you actually find one, you will have to pay high price for the piece. For customers on budget shopping, the store may turn out to be a bit expensive as they have to shell out excess money just to buy small replacements for their home. The variety in brands offered doesn’t even help you out as most of them are from unheard brands with no guarantee on reliability.

Though the sales staff is readily available in every corner of the store, many customers state that in some cases, the staff lacks professionalism and most of the calls are unattended. You may try to overlook this aspect, and may be impressed with the collection of mattresses and bedding available in the store. However, you should be aware that most of the mattresses and bedding accessories offered for sale in this store is quite out-dated and do not even stand up to the quality standards preferred by the customers. To make things worse, the delivery staff is quite lazy and the products are usually delivered late.

In short, if you are a homemaker looking to buy new beddings and mattresses then this is a store that should be ignored. Also, it is best to turn in to a local store nearby if you want to save some money on buying affordable and quality furniture along with good options.

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