Know the True Haverty’s Furniture Store.

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Haverty’s is a furniture store chain which offers a wide range of furniture for sale. In spite of holding a big inventory, the store fails to deliver quality furniture to its customers and maintain its reputation.

Furniture is very expensive these days and classy furniture is very difficult to come by even if you are willing to pay the price. This holds quite true with Haverty’s furniture store, a place known for its pricey furniture and unreliable (more…)

Mattress 4 Less – Where More!

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We all know that ‘seeing is believing’, and this is really true in the case of store which claims to offer the best quality memory foam mattresses has been fooling out customers by selling low quality products.

If you think that by visiting Mattress 4 Less, you can lay your hands on some of the best quality mattresses you have ever seen, then it is time for you to wake up and have a reality check. (more…)

Choosing Grand Furniture – It’s Time to Get Real

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Those who understand real quality, they know that it is not found at Grand Furniture. It is a place where all your furnishing requirements are never met.

Grand Furniture says – Real Furniture for Real People! But, have you ever visited the store or ever had a chance to have a glimpse of its website? You will know for sure what the real deal is about. The website clearly lacks appeal and not at all user friendly. (more…)

Furnish Your Home with Atlantic Bedding and Furniture, Virginia Beach!

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Atlantic Bedding and Furniture is the very best when it comes to furniture. Choose by style, finish; compare products and prices, Atlantic offers you a customized experience. Short of money? Go for its easy finance options.

Thinking of decorating your home with Atlantic Furniture? Well, you think right. Visit and order your stuff! The website hosts some of the best designs in Virginia. You will be mesmerized by the choice it provides. Do you know what sets Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store apart from others? It’s their collection of best values, best prices, and some amazing selections! It is Virginia’s largest furniture store and they know how to keep their customers happy. Once you enter the store, you are sure to get stuck. Their choicest collections seem just perfect for your home. Don’t wait. Visit the store now.

Atlantic Furniture Store – The Best You Could Expect!

White Living Room Furniture 600x447 300x223 Furnish Your Home with Atlantic Bedding and Furniture, Virginia Beach!No matter what your expectation, Atlantic has everything to meet them. They lay a great emphasis on ‘experience’. That’s why visit any of their stores and you will be greeted as their own. It’s a fun atmosphere all the way! You can spend as much time as you want, see as many models as you wish and no one will give you those irritating frowns to make you feel uncomfortable. Needless to say, people come here to buy only the best brands.

What matters today in home decor is ‘informed decision’. Someone should be there to help you out with your interior decorations. No need to hire those pocket-burning interior decorators. When it comes to Atlantic Bedding and Furniture, you can always expect the best of services. Visit their website. You can always go through their website to check out their latest deals and arrivals. The website is not only attractive, but also has a very good user interface, allowing the customers to browse through the wide range of furniture options offered on sale with least hassle. Be it furniture for your dining room or special accessories to pump up the charm of your bedroom, you can definitely find something at the Atlantic store.

Most furniture stores in Virginia beach merely sell furniture where you have to do everything. However, Atlantic gives you choice and does all the work by them. Once you have made your choice, you simply wait for them to set it up just the way you want. If you need ideas, they are always ready with the best. In short, to Atlantic, customer is king. Relationships matter to them more than mere hard selling. They always have economical and quality discount packages like the home packages which allow you to furnish your home without worrying about the money. You also have the option to apply for Atlantic finance now. Have the power to buy anything!

Sleepy’s Mattresses and Bedding

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Ask anyone a brand of mattress they would like to avoid and the name would be Sleepy’s. The store has been the centre of attraction for its unruly deals, cheap furniture and also, rude customer support.

For years, the name Sleepy’s has been synonymous in the furniture industry, but today, it is nowhere even near to be called a quality furniture store to fulfil your furniture needs. Founded in 1931, the store claims to be an ideal (more…)

Visit ‘The Dump’ to Dump your Furniture, Rather than Buying

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‘The Dump’ is a quite famous furniture store that has been recognized by its customers for high prices and lower satisfaction. The unique feature of Dump is that it can make affordability truly unaffordable.

‘The Dump’ – a name that the furniture world could not forget and this is due to the fact that the store has lost its reputation of being a reliable furniture hub. When you decide to furnish your home or office, you would (more…)

Ashley Furniture Store

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Located in various part of North America, Ashley Furniture claims to offer a wide variety of furniture at cheap prices. However, everything the store claims is not true. Be it product service and customer care, the store do manages to leave its customers wanting for less.

When you go to buy furniture, often you are looking at renovating the entire room rather than one part. It helps if you get all the pieces at one location and (more…)

Local Discount Furniture, Norfolk.

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Local Discount furniture is a furniture store chain that offers furniture and bedding at really discounted rates. One of their stores is located in Norfolk, Virginia. They have a great bedding collection with a good variety in mattresses. They offer a good no credit check financing scheme too besides low prices.

What better way to beat the recession than discounted furniture. Local Discount Furniture is a furniture and bedding store that has chains all over America and (more…)