Rooms to Go – Not an Amazing Store for All-round Home Furnishing

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Rooms to Go – Not an Amazing Store for All-round Home Furnishing

Rooms to Go – an online shopping portal for all home furnishing products – has earned the reputation of being one of the fraudulent online stores. Not only have they been able to dupe many customers through their faulty deals, but also, has earned rave reviews for their clumsy services.

If you have been thinking to buy some good furniture addition for your home through Rooms to Go online furniture store, then it is time you wake up. The store has earned the reputation of being one of the fraudulent online stores and will not help you anyway to furnish your living room, bedroom, dining room. Rooms to Go – an online home furnishing portal that claims to be one of the well-equipped and fair priced furniture stores – makes buying and selling of furniture a faulty business deal which you will regret. The portal encourages customers to open an online account with them, but once they have opened an account, the store dupes them of their money in the form of offers and benefits that do not exist. Moreover, exclusive financing offers propagated by the store will only worsen your woes.

Rooms To Go – A self-proclaimed fraudulent store

sally bridge metal 1 300x296 Rooms to Go – Not an Amazing Store for All round Home FurnishingJust by a look at the website and you will know that it is just an other online company trying to push its sales through fake products and services. The store operations of the company do not live up to expectation of the customers either. There are many customers who have quite a rough encounter with the store as they have received products which are the ones which they have bought. Moreover, the store personnel maintain their stand on the purchases and delay the replacement process, which is highly inconvenient to the customers.

On the other hand, the store which is well equipped with many sales personnel takes no heed to the customers present at the store. Instead of helping out the customers in finding the right products, they pull out sales tricks that fall hard on the pockets of the customers. This doesn’t end here. They are so persistent in convincing the customers that most of them end up irritating the customers to an extent that they would prefer to not to look back at the store.

The prices listed out by Rooms to Go furniture store are also quite un-affordable and you would feel that you are splurging too much of money on unnecessary and inefficient products. As you can see, Rooms to Go has not left any stone unturned to leave its customers irritated and most of all, leave them with no good thoughts of coming back. If you too are thinking of visiting this store, then think again and choose some other store nearby.

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