Review on Mattress Outlet in Knoxville, TN

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Review on Mattress Outlet in Knoxville, TN

It is difficult to buy mattresses, especially when you don’t know where to buy from or what to look for. Here is a detailed review on Mattress Outlet which claims to satisfy all you bedding needs, yet fails on its promises.

Mattress Outlet is a family owned business that primarily sells mattresses and beds. Headquartered in Knoxville TN, it claims to be a mattress paradise which speciality in different types of bedding products and accessories. However, it is not even close to be called a mattress paradise as customers experience turns out to be filled with frustration and disappointment. The store has been known for selling mattresses at discount rates, which is often touted as being lower than most of the other stores in US. But the true story is that most of the time customers have to compromise of quality of the products purchased under these deals. The mattresses are not durable, and also, highly inconvenient to use.

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Before you make any plans to visit Mattress Outlet, it is advisable to you be aware of the tactics followed by the sales personnel in order to stay safe. You should be aware of your needs, especially in case of what types of mattress are available in the market and what exactly your requirements are. This will help you in cutting down any unnecessary talk with the sales persons who seem to always on the go to pressure you in buying bedding accessories that are irrelevant and uneconomical.

Apart from the fake discounted prices and deals, another thing which should be noted about Mattress Outlet is its discourteous behaviour with its customers. There are many customers who have complained about the rude behaviour of the store personnel’s when it comes to sorting out claims and customer grievances. They are rather more concerned about handling bulk orders rather than on individual customers who come in to report damaged or misplaced goods. To make the matter worse, they do not make any effort to help the customers and just turn down the requests placed.

The delivery period of mattresses has been quite a concern for some customers who have made their purchases from Mattress Outlet. At times, even if the sales staff has confirmed the availability of mattress in their stock, they deliver it later than the actual delivery date citing the reason as “out of stock”. This is one of the most common things occurring at the store. And if you think that just the sales and customer services staff are not properly trained in their duties, then you are totally wrong. The store manager is quite good at infuriating the customers with his unruly behaviour.

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