Mattress Discounters – A No Discount Deal

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Mattress Discounters – A No Discount Deal

Mattress Discounters – A No Discount Deal

Mattress Discounters is one-of-a-kind bedding store that sells cheap quality mattress and bedroom furniture in the name of discounts. This store is also known for its inadequate customer service too.

For most shoppers, mattress shopping is no big deal as they feel that they just need to go to the first bedding store they come across to finish their purchase. However, the reality is that buying a mattress is also like an investment since you do not change it year after year and hence must be done carefully. One store which you should skip in the pursuit of buying quality mattress is Mattress Discounters.

 Mattress Discounters – A No Discount Deal

Mattress Discounters – A Review

The store’s dedicated effort to pull in sales has led to the disappointment of most of its customers. It has been in the industry for almost 30 years and yet, it has not learnt the basic essence of running a business – to help its customers. Driven by the competitive atmosphere, Mattress Discounters have been selling cheap quality and unreliable beddings and accessories to its customers at high prices. Even the professionally trained Sleep Counselors of the store can’t help you out in choosing the right mattress as they are either totally uninterested in helping the customers or lack knowledge in guiding the customers for a better purchase.

This bedding store claims to stock excellent mattresses from many reputed brands so that its customers can avail a wide range of options during their purchase. However, contrary to its claim, the store mattresses do not come in a great variety and include only foam, gel and spring mattresses. In addition to mattresses, the bedding furniture, recliners, headboards, lamps and wall décor are provided by this furniture store at unaffordable rates in the name of discounts. Add to it the fact that customer service at the store is far below the expectations of the customers and there is little to wonder as to why customers always leave the store totally unsatisfied.

What is truly different about the store is its discount offers. When we see discounts, we possibly believe that the store is selling away good quality furniture with huge discounts, and it is a good option to buy that discounted furniture. Here, customers are truly unaware of the real deal. Though customers save money on most of the deals, the products sold by the store under discounts are usually faulty furniture with either no clear finish or cheap quality material. The store home-delivers purchases but is a bit fussy when it comes to making preparations or setting up of furniture in the bedroom. When you are out mattress hunting the next time, Mattress Discounters could surely be a store to miss.

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