Know the True Haverty’s Furniture Store.

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Haverty’s is a furniture store chain which offers a wide range of furniture for sale. In spite of holding a big inventory, the store fails to deliver quality furniture to its customers and maintain its reputation.

Furniture is very expensive these days and classy furniture is very difficult to come by even if you are willing to pay the price. This holds quite true with Haverty’s furniture store, a place known for its pricey furniture and unreliable (more…)

Mattress 4 Less – Where More!

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We all know that ‘seeing is believing’, and this is really true in the case of store which claims to offer the best quality memory foam mattresses has been fooling out customers by selling low quality products.

If you think that by visiting Mattress 4 Less, you can lay your hands on some of the best quality mattresses you have ever seen, then it is time for you to wake up and have a reality check. (more…)

Choosing Grand Furniture – It’s Time to Get Real

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Those who understand real quality, they know that it is not found at Grand Furniture. It is a place where all your furnishing requirements are never met.

Grand Furniture says – Real Furniture for Real People! But, have you ever visited the store or ever had a chance to have a glimpse of its website? You will know for sure what the real deal is about. The website clearly lacks appeal and not at all user friendly. (more…)