Ashley Furniture Store

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Ashley Furniture Store

Located in various part of North America, Ashley Furniture claims to offer a wide variety of furniture at cheap prices. However, everything the store claims is not true. Be it product service and customer care, the store do manages to leave its customers wanting for less.

When you go to buy furniture, often you are looking at renovating the entire room rather than one part. It helps if you get all the pieces at one location and do not have to run around. Also, if it is discounted then there is nothing like it. If you are thinking to refurnish your home or a room in your house, then a good option is to avoid visiting Ashley furniture. Though being operated in various locales, the store does not offer any type of benefit to its customers.

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Being a multi-store chain means you can offer good variety, however, the store does not live up to that expectation. The quality and finishing of the products is way too down to be called a quality product. Coming to the wide range of furniture sets available for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, it can be said that the store has a lot to do in upgrading its current inventory to match up to modern customers. The furniture sets are quite out-dated, and are mostly hollow.

Purchasing furniture from Ashley Furniture store can be an uneconomical option for many. One customer complains that the store has been selling low quality furniture in the name of branded furniture. Most of the furniture prices were way out of budget for many customers, leaving them with no option but to leave the store or purchase it by spending even their last saved penny. Things turn even worse, especially in the case of discounted furniture sets, as these are priced at sensible rates.

When the furniture you like to buy is out of the affordability circle, you like to go in for financing. However, the finance deals offered by Ashley Furniture may force you to check out other stores nearby.

Products purchased are usually subject to availability. But in Ashley Furniture store, the order and process period of the transaction may take more than a day, whereas the delivery service is well beyond the promised time. You can easily expect to wait for a week or even more before the furniture is finally delivered at your doorstep.

The website of Ashley furniture claims to be simple and easy to navigate. However, once you log in to the site, you will be surprised at the clutter you find on each page, which makes browsing inconvenient. Most of the products are either out of stock, or not in the specified location. To make things worse, there is no online support to guide the customers.

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